Weekly Patch Notification

Lawson Applications

Week Start Date: Saturday, August 14, 2021

Week End Date: Saturday, August 21, 2021

Package IDTitleCorrected ProgramsReference NumberReleasePlatform OSPlatform OS Version
#NAME?Export record is created with Update All Field = YES and doesn?t update HR11LT111JT-161023710.0.0.0
CTP123768Dependent Care LimitPR140JT-163331810.0.0.0
CTP123770HR32.1 Additional pay rates are not creating retro records in HR35 for pay codes with 8 digit sequence numberHR32JT-163352110.0.0.0
CTP123772PR539 is not recognizing path to CSV file in jobdef when OTDLOADCSV directory and file do not exist under workPR539JT-163497310.0.0.0
CTP123774AGS call to MA43 results to incorrect UOM values taken from previous lineMA43JT-163207310.0.0.0
CTP123775Po line is showing closed but the receipt is still showing an open qty to receive when PO33 write off is used.PO33JT-160845910.0.0.0
CTP123776HRM-CSF integration required JTsPR198, PR195, LP198, BN190JT-124093610.0.0.0