How to Fix Missing Drill-Around or Drop-Down Boxes on Lawson Portal Forms

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Sometimes after applying a patch, drill-around and drop-down boxes don’t get properly rendered on certain forms. Below are some steps to check which forms may have been affected and how to resolve them.

  1. Assuming you’re logged into LID, change directories to your %LAWDIR%\<productline> directory
  2. Run this command: attrib /s *err
    1. You may see common errors such as: %LAWDIR%\<productline>\XXsrc\PROGRAM.err
      • These can be resolved via running qcompile and then clearing IOS cache (also your browser cache, logging out and back in).
    2. However, a less common error %LAWDIR%\<productline>\XXsrc\PROGRAM.scr.xmlerr cannot be resolved by simple recompiling.
      • This error typically has to do with forms that have drill-around and drop-down boxes.
  3. To resolve PROGRAM.scr.xmlerr errors, we must run srgen and then scrgen
  4. If lawappinstall stage failed to run scrgen and hasn’t been activated you can run the following commands in the below order:
      • srgen -A <productline>
      • scrgen -A <productline> <systemcode> <program> (for the programs with the .scr.xmlerr files in XXsrc directories).
  5. If you’re spotting the .scr.xmlerr files after activating a patch successfully, run the following commands in this order:
      1. srgen <productline>
      2. scrgen <productline>
      3. Check to see if the .scr.xmlerr still exist.
      4. Run qcompile for each program with the .xmlerr manually or run a cobcmp <productline> to compile the entire productline.
        • Run: qcontrol -jlocal,8 (this will increase amount of compile jobs from 2 to 8, change back to 2 after)
        • Run: qstatus | wc -l (this will show you how many compile jobs are remaining, when it hits 4, compiling is done).
  6. If problem persistes, repeat step 5, make sure you’re clearing IOS, server, and browser cache, logging out and back in. Give some time in between testing.

Good luck and happy debugging!