How The Rise Of EdTech Can Benefit Cybersecurity Learning

Michael Moniz, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Circadence, a leader in cybersecurity learning and training solutions, shares an article on Forbes on the benefits that education technology has provided for cybersecurity learning. Education Technology (EdTech) introduces IT tools in the classroom to create a more engaging, inclusive and individualized learning environment. The adoption of EdTech solutions today – especially in the current pandemic – is skyrocketing with the need for distance-learning. Although this way of learning is the new normal to many, EdTech tools aren’t new at all in the cybersecurity field. It is, however, seeing more benefits than ever. Moniz sees three major benefits that EdTech has provided to improve the process of learning cybersecurity.

1. Remote Learning Accessibility – “The adoption of cyber ranges in the classroom has paved the way for cyber instructors to create dynamic and interactive learning environments for students. When cyber training becomes more accessible, students find themselves able to “see a pathway to mastery” in learning key knowledge, skills and abilities.”

2. Enriched Teacher-Student Communication – “EdTech tools not only provide scalable, individualized learning but also much-needed collaboration in remote teaching environments. For example, some cyber EdTech tools now feature built-in, multiplayer activities and leaderboards to “bring students together” digitally and capture their attention while learning development is tracked and scored for teachers to view learning progression.”

3. Engaged Environment For The Student – “Keeping students focused during remote learning can be a challenge, but EdTech tools often help spark the right amount of engagement a student needs to sustain attention and interest. Some EdTech tools, such as cyber ranges, enable students to practice skills and build proficiency through emulation of real workplace environments.”

EdTech tools are indispensible for instructors today, says Moniz. No matter what the ‘new normal’ will be when this pandemic becomes a thing of the past, EdTech will likely be a popular alternative to learning in the 21st century for years to come.


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