How to perform a Regulatory Bulletin update for BSI TaxFactory 10

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  1. Download the bulletin.
    1. Log into your MyBSI account
    2. Navigate to Product Maintenance
    3. Select your product
    4. Regulatory Bulletins
    5. Select your bulletin
    6. Click the download button(s)

  2. On the Server where BSI is installed, open a command window as administrator
  3. Navigate to the install directory (i.e. D:\BSI\TF10ClientInstall)
  4. Change directory to the directory that matches your server configuration (win32 for a 32-bit server, or amd64 for a 64-bit server)
  5. Run the command tf10lic /ResetDSN
  6. Run the command set TF10_SCHEMA_NAME=<Your Schema/Databse Name>
  7. Run the command set TF10_DATASET=DEFAULT
  8. Run the command tfmaint “<full file path where you downloaded the bulletin>”

  9. Check the “upd” log file for any error messages
  10. Validate PRTF.1 in Lawson