Lawson Business Intelligence – Increasing limit for report files

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You may have saw our article “How to load bursting rights into Lawson Business Intelligence” and encountered an error that your CSV file “exceeds the limit”.

To resolve this:

  1. Go to the Reporting Services server and open <application server directory>\ReportingServices\erswar-XXXX\
  2. Find and open the ersImportRights.jsp file in a text editor (backup before editing)
  3. Edit the following line:
    • ERSFileUploadRequest multi=new ERSFileUploadRequest(request,”.”, 1024*1024);
  4. Multiply the 1024*1024 to the number of bytes you want to increase limit to. If you want it to be 10 MB max, the line would look like the below:
  5. Save the .jsp file
  6. Restart your app server, Websphere etc.
  7. Try importing the file again.

Good luck!