Your ERP data is dirty: Here’s how to fix it

One of the biggest issues a company can face is a clutter of data. More so, “dirty data” can take up too much storage space in your servers. When you place dirty or corrupt data into your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, you will not see the results you want in any area of business. Tech expert Chris Smith shares an article on on how to rid your ERP software of dirty data. Smith states, “No matter where you are using data or what kind of information you are looking to store for the future, you will need to ensure you have the best chance of success for your ERP management plans using inventory optimization software.” If you want to introduce ERP into your business you want the data you have assembled to be accurate and ready for use as soon as your new software is in place. Installed correctly, your ERP will have accurate information readily available all the time. If your data is dirty, you will find your software not working correctly. Smith suggests one solution to avoid coming across dirt data that would potentially corrupt your new ERP software is to only accept information from reliable sources. “In some cases, you will find your business working with partners who will introduce data to your database that has not been verified by your team or software,” Smith says. “It is usually best to avoid the use of this form of data at all costs because of the problems you will face when you are trying to eliminate dirty data from your system. Purchased or obtained data is often incomplete and does not provide you with the accuracy you need and expect for your database.” Another solution is to turn to artificial intelligence (AI) to weed out corrupt databases in your ERP software. “Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are among the most impressive options for handling your dirty data and its effects on your ERP technology,” says Smith.

One of the biggest problems your ERP technology faces is how best to identify duplicates and copied information that has been made available to your platform. Duplicates can cause chaos when you are looking for the most accurate database, but using AI in your business can have a positive effect on this area of your company. By allowing machines to learn about your business and handling the time-consuming role of maintaining your database there will be fewer problems for you to face with data issues.


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