LBI Ancestors Error

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If your LBI instance is installed with Crystal Report Application Server 2011, you may see a recurring error in your LBI WebSphere logs, referencing “JSONOBject[“ancestors”] is not a JSONArray”.

This is a known defect in CRAS 2011, and will be resolved with an update to CRAS 2011 SP4.  You can safely ignore this error, or you can configure the logger to ignore it.  To configure the logger to ignore the error, add the following to the LBI_HOME\Reporting Services….\erswar-x.x.war\WEB-INF\classes\log4j.xml:

<!– Workaround to supress JSONObject [“ancestors”] is not a JSONArray. error–>

<logger name=””>

<level value=”FATAL”/>



Then, restart WebSphere and verify that the errors are no longer being logged.