Zyllem and Infor Partner to Strengthen Enterprise Distribution across ASEAN

Infor and Zyllem, a specialist in last-mile logistics distribution networks, announced their technology partnership to digitize and optimize logistics value chains across ASEAN. Per the press release, Infor will leverage Zyllem’s SaaS-based distribution platform for Infor Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), including key verticals such as retail, logistics and distribution. This will empower Infor customers to integrate their distribution and supply chains seamlessly, with end-to-end visibility and control across their networks. “Over the next six months, Infor and Zyllem will connect with major distributors in the market to share their vision of the future logistics and supply chain market. We’re glad to have found a partner that shares our vision and is committed to bringing change to a market that is ripe for innovation,” says Noam Berda, founder and CEO at Zyllem. This partnership has the goal of digitizing and optimizing the enterprise logistics value chain so as to deliver intelligent tracking and insights for customers.


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