Revert LBI to a Previous Version

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If you did an upgrade-in-place of LBI and are experiencing issues with it, you can revert to the previous version.

Before you begin a task like this, always get snapshots of your sever!!!

****If you don’t have a backup of your pre-upgrade database, then you won’t be able to complete these steps.  You can’t revert the database changes.  Always start with a database backup!!!****


Revert CRAS

You don’t need to perform this step unless your previous version of LBI requires a different version of CRAS.  To revert Crystal Report Application Server, you need to uninstall the new version, and reinstall the old version.  CRAS does not uninstall cleanly, so once you step through the wizard, and reboot the server, you will need to clear out the components left behind in the registry.  Here are the registry keys you may need to delete (key names may differ based on your version):

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SAP Business Objects\Suite XI 4.0\Crystal Reports\
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ SAP Business Objects\Suite XI 4.0\Crystal Reports
  • HKEY_USERS\S-#-#-##-…-####\Software\ SAP Business Objects\Suite XI 4.0\Crystal Reports

Reboot again.  Try reinstalling the older version.  If you get any errors during the reinstall, you may have left behind some keys in the registry.  You can search the registry for “Crystal”.


Uninstall LBI From WebSphere

In WebSphere Administration Console, navigate to Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications.  Select all of your LBI applications (Framework Services, Reporting Services, Smart Notification), and Uninstall.

Reboot the server.


Rename the LBI Install Directory

Stop the IBM WebSphere Application server service, then rename your LBI install directory.  This way, you can install your previous version of LBI in the same directory.


Restore Data

Restore your pre-upgrade data to the RS, FS, and SN databases.


Reinstall LBI

Run the LBI install wizard for your previous version.  Verify that the applications were deployed to WebSphere and that they were started.  Perform smoke tests.


You should be ready to retry the upgrade!  LBI upgrades can be finicky with WebSphere and database updates.  I recommend rebooting between each component update.  So, reboot before you begin.  Then reboot after upgrading Framework Services.  Then reboot after upgrading Reporting Services.  And so on…