16 Game-Changing Technologies You Might Not Know About Yet

No matter the state of the economy, technology will constantly and rapidly continue to evolve. Unique and innovative ideas are discovered every day for both the business and consumer worlds. Most rising technologies are talked about and developed for years. Sometimes it takes a little while for the “next big thing” to get recognized and catch on to mainstream technological use. Members of the Forbes Technology Council share the following technologies that will be game changers in the near future.

  1. Quantum Computing
  2. Devices That Balance Innovation And Privacy
  3. Transformer Neural Network Architecture
  4. WeChat
  5. Cloud-Based Automated UI Testing
  6. Blockchain Security And Compliance Monitoring
  7. FIDO2
  8. AutoAI
  9. Anti-Microbial Visible Light
  10. Remote Condition Monitoring
  11. Google’s Automated Phone Calls And Answering Help
  12. Dual Lens Cameras
  13. Telegram Splitting
  14. Omniscience And Next-Best-Action Prediction
  15. Color-Changing Medical Tattoos
  16. Consumer eSIM


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