Resolving job error – “No Data in Report File – Check Report Parameters for Possible Error Message”

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While this error itself may be obvious, you’ve already taken the steps to run the job under a different user with the same parameters and everything seems to be working. Sound familiar? Let’s dive deeper to see if this issue is related to yours.

  1. Go to the Lawson batch job form for the user that is having issues.
  2. Inquire on the job and verify that you do NOT get an “Unknown” user
  3. If you’re seeing an “Unknown” at the bottom of the browser bar, continue, else you likely do not have the same issue.
  4. Open Lawson Interface Desktop (LID) and run command: listusermap -n
  5. In LID, run command: listusermap -a
  6. This should generate a new list of user identities again.
  7. Clear your server cache and IOS cache, logout and back in and your issue be resolved.