Landmark Application Configuration Overview

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The Landmark Configuration Console allows you to effect system-wide changes with no downtime for your users.  You can personalize your Landmark applications in a multitude of ways:

  • Add custom fields
  • Move fields or remove them from forms
  • Set fields to required
  • Modify list columns (add/remove/rearrange)
  • Create new
    • User interfaces (pages, lists, etc)
    • Business classes (data, objects, etc)
  • Security
    • Use the Security Configuration tool to modify security classes, rules, and roles
  • Web Services
    • External systems communication with Landmark business classes using SOAP, HTTP, WSDL, or REST

The Infor-delivered role what will allow users to access Configuration Console is GlobalUIConfigAccess_ST.  The role that will allow users to access Security Configuration is SecurityConfigAccess_ST.