IBM announces battery technology breakthrough

A breakthrough in battery technology has happened for IBM research. According to Tech Republic, this new technology – which is said to potentially make lithium-ion batteries obsolete – can charge incredibly quickly, has low flammability, contains no heavy metals, and is more environmentally friendly than current battery technology. Battery performance complaints aren’t anything new, but there was still the need to improve the technology. Though IBM is keeping private about this new breakthrough, it’s safe to say that it will be a real game changer in the tech space. The article on Tech Republic shared that the three components of IBM’s newest battery can all be extracted from sea water, which means the environmental damage from, and humanitarian cost of, mining heavy metals for batteries could be eliminated and reduce costs. Other known details of the new technology are:

  • It can reach a power density of more than 10,000 watts per liter;
  • It can reach an energy density of more than 800 watt hours per liter, which is comparable to modern lithium ion batteries;
  • It has an energy efficiency (defined by IBM as “the ratio of the energy to discharge the battery over the energy to charge the battery”) of over 90%.


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