Transitioning Open AR from one ERP system to another

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Things to consider:

  1. Do your addresses need to be cleaned up?
  2. Do you have duplicate customers that need to be consolidated?
  3. Do you currently have abbreviations in your addresses that you don’t need in your new system?
  4. OR – do you not have abbreviations in your current ERP and need them in your next one?
    1. Create an abbreviation cross reference to easily make the abbreviations needed
  5. Cleaning up the addresses is often very time consuming and can be expensive when waiting until the last minute paying a consultant to do it. Hire a temp now and get it done early and much less expensive
  6. How much history do you want to bring over to the new ERP system?
  7. If you are moving off Lawson, are you using National Accounts? If so, make sure to apply all open payments at the National Account level unless you are sure the new system will allow this same functionality.
  8. Is there anything special about your AR processing that needs to be considered when moving to a new ERP?