The CRM-ization of Healthcare

Customer relationship management (CRM) has taken over the healthcare sector for quite some time now. According to CRM Buyer, CRM works remarkably well with some aspects of healthcare. Call center tools and techniques proactively remind patients of a pending appointment or to take their medications. Customers are enjoying the ease and convenience of healthcare services with CRM app-integrations and the convenience of having in=person doctor visits at home and/or at various walk-in clinics. A study shows that 94 percent of patients want access to walk-in clinics, 76 percent want in-home visits, and 68 percent want mobile apps for health coaching. This is all possible with CRM. It’s good to note that today a lot of service or information that patients might need doesn’t have to come directly from healthcare providers. CRM has also aided in the medical device area. With wearables transferring real time health information to app-enabled programs and devices, CRM helps patients and doctors stay in the know with their health vitals in real-time. Converting dated healthcare techniques to digitally enabled processes will be more and more the “norm” on healthcare, thanks to the impact of CRM.


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