BS531 – Web Pending Benefit Extract Process

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Running BS531 creates two separate CSV files, one for employee benefits (BNBATCH) and one for dependent benefits (BNDEPBATCH).

Copy these files over to the D:\lsfprod\law\prod10\work\BNBATCH directory on your LSF application server (your directory names may differ slightly).

After creating your BN531 job, go in LID and use the jobdef command to locate it under the user you created it under.

Once located, press F6 and select “C. CSV File Attributes and verify”

Verify the File Name is BNBATCH and type is CSV:

Now run the BN531 job in report mode to verify there are no errors.

Run BN531 in update mode.


Once done, go back to the D:\lsfprod\law\prod10\work\BNBATCH directory and rename the BNBATCH to bnbatch_emp. Now rename bndepbatch file to BNBATCH.  Run the BN531 again in report. Once verified there are no errors, run the BN531 again and confirm the data carried over.

Hope this was helpful.