4 Things Sales Managers Need From a CRM System

Even with the advancement in technology taking over almost every business, position, and process, there is still a need for strong relationships to develop organically – with human connection. A computer cannot build relationships by itself; you still need people for that. They’re the ones who feed computers intelligence. According to HubSpot, 58 percent of sales teams are increasing in size. With an increase in staff comes the need for experienced managers who know the value of face-to-face, personalized customer relationships. Sales managers are responsible for reporting to the board, managing technology needs, and of course managing people. Technology is perhaps unavoidable and integral to today’s business world, but often it seems that the tools that are supposed to help us end up making things overly complicated and not intuitive. Salespeople for example need a customer relationship management (CRM) system. It is essential to not only the sales team, but also the manager. The right CRM solution can save you time and money while helping close more deals. But it can also get in the way and end up being a hindrance to your ability to successfully manage people if it’s too difficult to use. Desitnation CRM suggests four things for mangers to look for and leverage in a CRM system as they run their sales teams:

  1. Workflow – A CRM system should aid workflow, not hinder it.
  2. Collaboration – A CRM system can fuel collaboration by giving each team member access to real-time data.
  3. Automation – A CRM should minimize your need to micromanage.
  4. Integrations – A CRM system should work seamlessly alongside the other tools your sales team uses, like email, contracts, and inventory.

Technology has the potential to improve a sales team and free up your time as a manager to focus more on helping you grow your business.


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