Importance of Creating a BRD

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Creating a new interface? Doing an Upgrade? Don’t forget the Business Requirements Document (BRD)

Often we go through the process of meeting and discussing different aspects of a project.  Those meetings are essential to understanding what is needed to be done.  A good BRD is basically a bible for all to refer back to during and even after the process to make sure that everything has been done at the level that was decided upon.

It is also a good way to make sure that everyone goes into the project with the same understanding. It is important to keep the BRD up to date with any changes that are decided upon.  This limits overlooking small aspects of a project that might have been referred to in – when did that email get sent again?

Based on client needs, we put together a BRD that reiterates what we think the client said.  When you review and approve it, it means we are both are working under the same premise.

It helps to eliminate those famous cartoon moments: