Using IPA to Update SSOP Identity after AD FS Configuration

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Once your AD FS configuration is done, you’ll need to update the SSOP identity with userPrincipalName for all of your users in Lawson Security.  IPA is a great tool for this task.

Some nodes that you’ll need include:

  • System Command – get AD users
    • Run a powershell command to get the samAccountName and userPrincipalName from Active Directory
    • powershell “Get-ADUser -Filter * -SearchBase ‘<OU Path (i.e. OU=Users,DC=company,DC=org)>’ | Select-object SamAccountName,UserPrincipalName | ConvertTo-Csv -NoTypeInformation”
  • Data Iterator to iterate through the results from the AD query
  • Resource Query
    • Get User by querying on SSOP value
  • Resource Update
    • Using the ID from your Resource Query, Update the SSOP service