5 ServiceNow Tips & Tricks I Wish I Knew When I Started!

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  1. Performance degradation? Forms slow to load?
    Try following these steps:
    • Click the Settings Gear Icon on the top right of your ServiceNow screen, next to your name. Then, navigate to the Forms tab.

    • Changing the Related list loading from “With the Form” to “After Form Loads” for a slight improvement in performance. Changing to “On-Demand” can result in significant performance gains as this would change it so that records get loaded only upon click.

  2. Change the form view to a cleaner tabbed format versus the normal lengthy vertical layout.
    From the same Forms tab in System Settings (refer to tip #1), we can turn on Tabbed forms to change to this view.



  3. Using asterisks (*) and double asterisks (**) for Reference fields.
    In ServiceNow, searching for a record in a reference field will automatically use a “STARTSWITH” query.

    This can cause some difficulties when trying to search for records.

    The solution is to use an asterisk before typing in the search term. This will change the query to a “CONTAINS” search which makes searching for records a lot easier.

    Also, you can also use double asterisks (**) to quickly return the first (up to) 15 records in the table.

  4. ServiceNow Keyboard Shortcuts.
  5. Quickly add attachments by simply dragging file to “Work notes” area.

    Attaching files by clicking the paperclip icon and then browsing for the file is a slow process. You can
    simply drag and drop the file you want to attach into the Work notes box.