Iberian Sport Retail Group Gets Fit for Business with Infor

Newly formed Iberian Sport Retail Group (ISRG) recently joined the Infor Nexus Supply Chain Network (the world’s leading network for multi-enterprise supply chain orchestration. ISRG is the combined group of Sprinter, Sportzone and JD Sports – creating the second largest sports retailer in Iberia. Being part of the Infor Nexus enables ISRG to manage the flow of goods across the global supply chain efficiently and collaborate in real time with a community of buyers, suppliers and logistics providers. Improving supplier compliance and accountability by increasing automation throughout the supply chain process is important for ISRG and Infor Nexus could get them there. Infor Nexus will also help ISRG achieve their corporate goals on sustainability enabling supply chain transparency and collaborative relationships with supply chain partners inspiring change within the industry.

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