Lawson Jobinteg Command Issues

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The Lawson Jobinteg command is powerful for clearing up orphaned jobs that may be causing users issues. This is usually in the form of a job that can’t be deleted or is corrupted and likely caused from patches and or upgrades to the form or job.

Disclaimer: For v10, a patch may also be needed to fully resolve some jobs when running the jobinteg command.  The patch is available for LSF 10.0.6 and 10.0.7 only, as of 8/2015 and may have changed since then.

jobinteg -v

Brings back all bad records and NTIDs tied to them.  This is useful if you need to create a report to analyze which potential jobs are corrupted/bad or get approval to delete them.

jobinteg -t

Brings back summarized report of all bad jobs.

jobinteg -d

Wipes all orphaned/corrupt jobs listed in the summary or full report.  This usually resoles most jobs that receive errors upon inquiry or running them.

Hope this was helpful!