How to find accounting information on PO lines

There are two places where GL distribution information resides. One is in MMDIST. If the item is a special item or not setup on IC12, then MMDIST is where you will find the GL distribution information.

Keep in mind that a PO line might have started as a requisition and the GL Distributions were added then. When you are looking for PO line distributions,  make sure you look for the document type of PO and specify the company and the document number that matches the PO you are looking for.


If the item is on IC12 it is either an inventory item or a non-stock item that is found at an IC location. All items that are setup on IC12 will have a GL Category assigned to them and that is where the GL distribution information can be found for these items. The key fields here are the Company – IC Location – Item. You will be able to find the GL distribution information for these items using these key fields on the GL Category table.


AD FS Configuration Errors – gMSA/Insufficient Privileges

If you are configuring AD FS, it is important to remember that you must have at least one domain controller hosted on Windows Server 2012 (at a minimum).  If your infrastructure does not meet these requirements, you will receive the below errors during the AD FS configuration.  Update those domain controllers!


HR Group Enhances Hotel Revenue Management with Infor

Infor recently announced that HR Group has implemented Infor EzRMS revenue management software to optimize revenue and time management within their chain hoping to result in faster and more effective analyses and future forecasts to increase its revenue. Primarily operating in Europe and partnered with AcoorHotels, Dorint Hotels & Resort and Wyndham Hotel Group, HR Group’s optimal management of such a number of properties requires an efficient organisation. The HR Group is implementing Infor EzRMS revenue management software, enabling employees at various levels to access important data at any time and maintain the hotel group’s high service standards. Infor EzRMS offers a detailed forecast and reporting system that provides in-depth analytics and future forecasts. Additionally, Infor Hospitality offers ready to use scalable solutions that deliver measurable results – for hotels groups of all sizes. With flexible solutions, hoteliers can choose to run the software in the cloud, on-premise, or a combination of both.


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Infor Continues to Enrich Customer Experience with Infor Concierge Portal

The latest iteration of Infor’s Customer service solution, Infor Concierge, boasts more power along with a better user experience with its look and feel. Designed to provide holistic access to relevant Infor resources, the latest version of Infor Concierge incorporates direct feedback and comprehensive research to help ensure this iteration has the voice of the customer infused throughout. This new release is more intuitive than ever with a redesigned user interface and enhanced capabilities including full mobile access, a personalized news feed, access to Infor Services project details, a single sign-on to the Infor Campus training site, and self-help guides designed to help customers navigate the system more easily. Infor’s chief customer officer Susan Beal comments, “Streamlining customer experiences is a top priority for us, which is directly reflected in this iteration of Infor Concierge… designed to give customers the tools to find relevant information about their Infor services and solutions, which can help eliminate unnecessary calls and emails and which can help them solve business problems faster. As our customers’ enterprise software partner, we want to ensure that every touch point our customers have with us is valuable. We’re thrilled to deliver the new Infor Concierge.”


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Update ADFS Certificate

When it is time to renew the certificate on your AD FS server, you will need to import the new certificate.  To do this, you will first need to get the thumbprint of your newly installed certificate.  Then, run the Set-AdfsSslCertificate command and provide the thumbprint value you retrieved.

5 Powerful Automation Tricks With Trello Custom Fields & Butler

Workflow processes are a great practice to keep your activities in order to achieve a business outcome. Trello boards, for example, can keep an entire team on the same page in real time.  The addition of Custom Fields to Trello boards are great for personalization and customization, but takes your processes to a whole new level. Thankfully, the folks at Trello make it possible to automate processes on your boards to make things even easier.

Lauren at Trello provides a breakdown of different workflows that utilize Custom Fields in tandem with Butler, Trello’s automation powerhouse.

Introducing Butler, a Trello Power-Up that allows you to set up “rules” in plain English that will then result in automated actions. Butler helps you with:

Agile Workflows – If you are using Trello in an agile workflow, you can set Custom Fields for Priority.

Checkbox Automation – You could also set a rule where once someone checks the “QA Passed” checkbox, the card is automatically moved into the “Ready For Production” list and a member of the server team is tagged.

Adding Approvers And Advancing Due Dates – You can set custom fields on an editorial calendar for author, editor, editor approval and draft due.

Sort Cards By Custom Fields Data – You can choose to sort cards based on Custom Fields data. For example: all cards have a Custom Field on them for “Assigned” where a person’s name is inputted to indicate they are the owner of the project.

Automate Commands Based On A Dropdown Menu – You can also take advantage of the dropdown menu option in Custom Fields.

Workflows in Trello don’t always need manual grooming. This time, let the robots – Butler – take care of the busy work for you!


Original post by Lauren Moon from Trello.

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Setting session timeout for ADFS and Lawson

It is recommended that the session timeout for AD FS and Lawson be synchronized. You can modify the session timeout in Lawson for Lawson in ssoconfig option 1. To modify the session timeout for AD FS, set the TokenLifetime for your relying party trust using the command below.

Find database file by prefix

Clicking Ctrl+Shift+O in a field on a screen in Lawson is a useful tool to determine what database file that field is populated by. This can be used in Lawson DME Queries, but it also can be used in SQL queries. The prefix of the field name (such as VEN) maps to the table name where the value comes from. If you don’t know how the prefix maps to a table, you can easily find this information in the GEN database. The table you want to search is FILEDEF on the PREFIX column. So, your query might look something like this:


This will return the record that contains table name and other information about the database file that populates this screen.

Three Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming ERP

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has greatly impacting the world of enterprise technology. In enterprise resource planning (ERP), for example, AI is already optimizing system-operating models as well as transforming business processes for enterprises and organizations globally. Automating AI with ERP software systems could bring great value to a business. Solutions Review shared 3 ways AI is transforming ERP.

  • Customer Service / CRM – AI-enabled ERP systems could utilize chatbots in order to respond to customer questions and comments. This gives an extra focus on customer service, as they are able to see what their customers are asking about in real-time, while a virtual assistant answers all the pertinent questions.
  • Sales and Marketing – AI allows a business to not only identify purchasing behavior but also hone in on who is buying what. They may find that there is a viable target market that has been left in branding and marketing schemes.
  • Inventory Management – When incorporating AI technology, you’re reducing the risk of over or under production. This means fewer inventory storage issues and no costly small-scale productions to make up a difference.

While some may still be on the fence to adopt AI technology in our work spaces, this new technology presents an innumerable amount of benefits for organizations already utilizing an ERP solution. Ultimately, AI in ERP means lower costs and higher revenue.


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Troubleshooting ED501 job in recovery

A common ED501 message is “WARNING: SUBSTITUTION TABLE ENTRY NOT FOUND”.  This substitution table is maintained in screen ED40.1, and if the key values passed to ED501 are missing, you will receive this error.  Simply update your ED40.1 and recover the job.

If this message causes your job to go into recovery, that is because you have not set up notifications for EDI.  If you set up notifications, then this message will cause an email to be sent about the warning, but the job will continue to process the remaining files.  Notifications are configured on ED00.1, as well as the configuration file located in the EDI directory.