Business cloud software giant Infor targets Thailand’s potential

Infor has identified Thailand’s manufacturing sector as a key potential market in Southeast Asia as the country continues to digitize under the Thailand 4.0 policy, its CEO Kevin Samuelson shared with The Nation in a virtual interview, written by Nongluck Ajanapanya. Per the article, Samuelson’s remarks, during a trip to Bangkok on June 20, addressed the country’s digital transformation journey, the technology landscape, and the role and trend of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly the emergence of generative AI (GenAI). He also discussed the strategy for using AI and cloud technology to drive innovation and efficiency in Thailand’s business landscape. Ajanapanya notes that the CEO recognized the gradual nature of AI’s impact, anticipating a significant increase in productivity, paving the way for a future in which work is focused on more rewarding and challenging tasks. Samuelson also emphasized the importance of identifying specific industry use cases to generate value from AI, citing an example of how Infor’s AI solutions helped a forklift company improve efficiency, lower costs and boost sales. “Discussing technological trends in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) industry,” Ajanapanya writes, “Samuelson underlined the importance of moving to the cloud, citing benefits in flexibility, data security, and efficiency. He also noted a growing trend of process and shop floor automation, which leads to increased efficiency and better results.” Moreover, in terms of Infor’s growth strategy in Thailand, Samuelson disclosed that the company’s focus on specific industries enables it to provide tailored solutions to businesses with smaller budgets. “As Thailand embraces digital transformation,” Samuelson states, “Infor’s targeted approach and AI-driven solutions position it to play an important role in shaping the country’s manufacturing and distribution sectors.”


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