8 data protection challenges and how to prevent them

Data is arguably the most valuable asset in your business, and data protection is a necessity. Kathleen Richards, information security industry veteran and former features editor for TechTarget’s Information Security magazine, shares an article highlighting the many data protection challenges there are exposed in our business systems and how to prevent them. Richards refers to two industry experts and their input in data protection and its challenges. “‘Many organizations focus on technical controls and protections,’ said Rebecca Herold, founder and CEO of consultancy Rebecca Herold & Associates, ‘but they’re not addressing the administration protections, such as documented policies and procedures to make employees aware, or sufficiently monitoring the physical aspects.’ Everyone rightly focuses on the regulated data, including personal, card holder and healthcare information. But there’s a lot more that needs attention. “It’s expanded,” said Heidi Shey, analyst at Forrester Research. ‘It’s not just the source code that people have historically been worried about or secret formulas.'” Below are 8 data protection challenges that a business may or have already (or currently) going through. 


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