8 Cloud Migration Challenges

Cloud technology is the biggest platform and many business systems are moving over to cloud-based platforms. While hosting your business systems on the cloud can prove many benefits, likewise there are also challenges in hosting on the cloud. Lisa Morgan, big data and BI expert, shares an article on InformationWeek highlighting the biggest cloud migration challenges. Morgan states that in the beginning, cloud migration was about storage, followed by applications and compute. With all the cloud services available now, businesses can achieve new levels of efficiency and take advantage of a growing set of capabilities, though cost remains front and center. The following are some more cloud migration challenges organizations face that Morgan gathered from IT experts in the industry.

  1. Application dependencies
  2. Data security and regulatory compliance
  3. Old thinking patterns
  4. Faulty assumptions
  5. Not thinking critically enough
  6. Moving operational technology to the cloud 
  7. Legacy system knowledge and technical debt
  8. Talent and change management


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