How Cloud ERP Grows With Your Business

When a company grows fast, it is both exciting and frightening. Can you enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other business platforms keep up? This would be a thing to consider now or even before your expected growth – deciding whether or not to go on the cloud. Eric van Rossum, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer, SAP Cloud ERP, shares an article on Forbes describing the benefits of Cloud ERP and how it grows with your business.

Powerful technology at lower cost. “The cloud puts advanced ERP technology in the hands of small and large companies alike, without the need for significant upfront or ongoing costs. That means that, for growing companies, they can access the same capabilities as their larger competitors, out of the box and at a reasonable cost, enabling them to better compete in their industry. Cloud enables companies to derive greater value from an ERP system at a lower cost and with less risk. But it also provides greater speed and flexibility—which leads us to our next two points in the case for cloud ERP for growing companies: a system that grows with you and that allows you to consume innovation regularly and rapidly.”

ERP that grows with you. “With cloud ERP, companies don’t need to worry about getting everything built into their ERP right out of the gate. They don’t have to know what they’ll need in the future, as their businesses evolve, grow, and morph along with economic realities and opportunities. Instead, they can get started with what meets their needs today and add new functionality when necessary—often with just a click of a button. Cloud ERP offers localization tools that make it easier to expand into new countries with different languages, currencies, requirements, and regulations—and the system adapts as these requirements change.”

Rapid and continuous innovation. “In the past, updating on-premises software and taking advantage of new innovations took months or years. Cloud-based innovations, on the other hand, can be adopted in days or even hours, accelerating the speed with which businesses can test and realize their potential. The ability to adopt innovation rapidly and continuously is, of course, only as good as the ERP provider you’ve chosen. So, you also need to select the right cloud ERP provider who is going to deliver valuable innovations, on a regular basis, that are appropriate for your industry.”


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