Federation Error “Registration failed with exception”

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Here are steps to follow if you receive the error message “Registration failed with exception when trying to register a new federated system.

If you receive the below message when trying to register a federated system, open the lsservice.properties file on both servers.  Either add or update the line server.keystore.use.classic=false.

Tue Feb 21 19:26:45.573 EST 2023 – default-1240412896 – L(2) : Registration failed with exception.  Details: registerServer() received Lawson Security Error: Please check log files for details

Error happened on server.com;40000;40001;LSS.

Unable to reach the specified server [server.com;9888;10888;LANDMARK]. It will not be registered.

Stack Trace :

com.lawson.security.interfaces.GeneralLawsonSecurityException: Unable to reach the specified server [server.com;9888;10888;LANDMARK]. It will not be registered.

at com.lawson.security.server.events.ServerServerFederationEvent.processRegisterServer(ServerServerFederationEvent.java:994)

at com.lawson.security.server.events.ServerServerFederationEvent.process(ServerServerFederationEvent.java:115)

at com.lawson.lawsec.server.SecurityEventHandler.processEvent(SecurityEventHandler.java:634)

at com.lawson.lawsec.server.SecurityEventHandler.run(SecurityEventHandler.java:377)