The digital transition: Trends to consider

If there’s one thing the last few years have taught us is that we are relying on technology more than ever – both in our personal and professional lives. In the UK, for example, technology’s impact in their healthcare has proven beneficial to patients and healthcare workers alike. Convenience, real-time data collection, and accessibility are some benefits that technology did for healthcare. Gavin Bashar, UK & I managing director at Tunstall Healthcare, shares an article on Med-Tech Innovation News of certain technologies trends to consider in the healthcare sector and how we will continue to benefit with these digital advancements.

  1. Hospitals at home will become more common. “Since the pandemic, we have continued to see the growth of virtual wards, and we’re expecting to see them become more of a focus in health and care delivery. Most of the population would rather receive care in the comfort of their own homes, and virtual wards will enable this.”
  2. The growth of consumer engagement. “Consumers across our population are becoming increasingly technologically savvy and understanding of the benefits of digital devices and how to use them. This digital upskilling of the nation will encourage the integration of readily available consumer devices within clinical practices and care delivery, to engage with citizens and support improved health outcomes.”
  3. Improved cohesion to support frontline workers. “Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) are moving to ensure our services can facilitate efficient data-led decision making in care delivery, which is a crucial step in becoming a global leader in population health management. Through this, we will see more cohesion and improved data gathering from technology providers and data companies.


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