5 Patching Tips in Lawson v10

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These 5 tips could make applying patches that much less stressful and are also good practice in general.


Tip 1: Check existing patch logs to see if a patch has already been applied previously and current versioning. This is good to check after a patch has been applied as well.

These logs can be found and generated here in LID:

perl %GENDIR%\bin\patches_installed_report <productline>

perl %GENDIR%\bin\source_versions_report <productline>


Tip 2: Restart the LSF server (or services) to ensure no processes are being held up and when it boots up, turn off Websphere LSF Appserver service before applying a patch to ensure users cannot log on, especially if patch needs to be applied during or close to work hours.


Tip 3: Run dbdef command to make sure there is a connection to the database before patching


Tip 4: When activating or staging multiple patches, run this command to speed up the post compile process:

qcontrol -jlocal,4  – This will set the servers cores to 4 when processing form compiles. Set it back to 2 when done. You can also check the status of the compiled jobs with command: qstatus | head -5


Tip 5: If a Plus dictionary is created after patching, its typically good practice to compile the entire product line with the command: cobcmp (be aware this can take up to 20-30 minutes to complete, tip 4 helps with this). This ensures that all programs are functioning correctly before passed to testers.


Bonus Tip: Verify security is on before sent to the testers!  Hope these were helpful.


If you require assistance with applying patches for your v10 system, it is common for organizations to engage Lawson consultant teams for managed services, which are available at a fixed monthly rate. These consultant teams possess significant knowledge and expertise and are suitable for larger organizations. Additionally, smaller organizations that do not require a full-time Lawson employee on-site may also find this service advantageous. Nogalis offers this service, and you can contact us through our contact page for further details.