Searching on user information via the Infor Security Services (ISS)

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Search results are incorrect for user/resource information via the Infor Security Services (ISS).

However, the user search is correct in Lawson Security Administrator (LSA) tool and Infor Rich Client (IRC).

Search results in ISS are returned from a search index, not directly from LDAP as is the case with LSA or the GEN database as is the case with IRC. The search index may not be updated if changes are made outside of ISS. Changes made directly in IRC will NOT update the search index.

To resolve the issue, you need to rebuild the search index that ISS uses using ssoconfig.

Open Lawson Interface Desktop (LID) and connect to the Lawson System Foundation (LSF) server or from a command line with environment variables set:

Type ssoconfig -c and press enter

Enter your password for ssoconfig

Choose the option for Manage Search Index and press enter.

Choose the option for Build Resources Full Index and press enter.

This part can take a while, how long depends on the number of resource, identity, and service records in LDAP. You can monitor the progress of the rebuild in the LAWDIR/system/security_search.log

Wait for the menu options to come back and then choose Build Monitoring Full index.

When the menu comes back to where you can choose the build options again the rebuild has completed and you can try your search in ISS again.

Either way you rebuild the index, you can verify that the rebuild is complete by verifying the following in the LAWDIR/system/security_search.log:

Tue Mar 13 22:47:01.006 CDT 2018 – default-434727101: Done indexing identities

Tue Mar 13 22:47:01.007 CDT 2018 – default-434727101: Closing index…

Tue Mar 13 22:47:01.037 CDT 2018 – default-434727101: Activating index…

Tue Mar 13 22:47:01.038 CDT 2018 – default-434727101: Index activated

Tue Mar 13 22:47:04.073 CDT 2018 – default-434727101: Finished indexing