How to be more selective when dumping Lawson jobs from a user

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You might be used to copying all Lawson jobs from one user to another when provisioning new users because jobdump and jobload flags can be very confusing in Lawson.


Something like this:

jobdump -d -o Job -v UserName joesmoe jobdump.txt


jobload -c -o Job -v UserName <copy userid1> <to userid2> jobdump.txt


What if you only needed specific jobs from a user to copy over?

Lets say we only need to transfer a MA126 job called MA126M:

jobdump -d -o Job -v JobName MA126M -v UserName joesmoe jobdump.txt

Here is a AP155 Job named AP155_P1:

jobdump -d -o Job -v JobName AP155_P1 -v UserName joesmoe jobdump.txt


Remember the dump file will be in the path you’re currently in LID. Good luck!