How to Mass Delete Lawson users using Loadusers

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If you ever come across an instance where you need to clean up your system from old or faulty data, you can use the loadusers utility to mass-delete users, roles, or groups. The loadusers utility accepts input from an XML file that you create. You can simply populate any attributes that you want to delete.

The following is an example of an XML file from the Infor LSF Documentation guide that has been used to delete users, roles, and groups. The roles and groups in this file would only be deleted if they were not assigned to any other users than the ones being deleted.

Sample XML file

<?xml version=”1.0″ encloding=”ISO-8859-1″?<XML><ROLEDATA>    <ROLE ID=”Test1″>   <ROLE ID=”Test1″></ROLEDATA><GROUPDATA>    <GROUP ID=”Test1″>   <GROUP ID=”Test1″></GROUPDATA><USERDATA ProductLine-“APPS900″ SSOPPASSWORD=”temp”>    <USER ID=”cssttst100″/>   <USER ID=”cssttst101″/>   <USER ID=”cssttst102″/>   <USER ID=”cssttst103 RMID103″/></USERDATA><IDENTITIES></IDENTITIES></XML>

Command syntax for loadusers when used to delete users

From the command line, type

loadusers -f filename -u


filename = the XML file that contains the user data to be deleted