Lawson Security – loadResource returned identity already exists

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When we try to update some user records on the Infor Security Services (ISS) webpage, it gives an error stating: “loadResource(): returned identity [User:] already exists”

This error is due to missing extended attributes in LDAP. The extended attributes are what allow ISS to know that the user exists in LMK and are created when a user is added via ISS or the user is included in a sync.

To create the extended attributes for the user, you have two options (we recommend step 1):

  1. Run a list-based sync for the user who you are getting the error on.
  2. Run a full sync via the ISS webpage.


See LSSCG_11.0.0.0_UWA.pdf via Infor Concierge for example on list-based sync.


This is typically done by a Lawson technical resource. Organizations often hire a Lawson consultant team who offer managed services at a fixed monthly rate. These Lawson teams have a wider range of expertise and knowledge and are ideal for larger organizations but also are great for smaller ones that don’t need a dedicated Lawson employee on-site. Nogalis does offer this as a service so feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.