Benefits of Infor’s Multi-Tenant Cloud

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With Microsoft’s end-of-life for Windows 2012, and Lawson’s end-of-life coming up in 2026, many organizations are considering a move to a cloud solution.  And Infor’s Multi-Tenant cloud is a true contender.  Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing to move into the Infor Cloud.


Once per year, customers have the ability to request a swap in Infor products.  Swappable Infor products include any multi-tenant products that the customer has subscribed to for at least one year.  Talk about flexible!

If you are already in the cloud, and looking for a technology swap, contact your Infor Account Executive today!  Your AE’s contact information can be found in the Contact widget on your Concierge home page.


Pricing for storage, additional non-production environments, and programmatic access can always be found on Infor’s web page.  Non-production environments can be used temporarily as-needed (a minimum of 6 months) to save on costs.  Storage can be requested subject to a minimum amount and time.  Programmatic access, or the interaction between Infor products and third-party programs, will use the Infor OS service and is priced separately.  Again, this pricing is always available on the Infor Docs website.


Severity 1 issues are covered by customer support 24x7x365.  Response times are within 30 minutes from Infor’s receipt of the logged request, and they are working to decrease that SLA all the time.  They are currently working toward a goal of increasing support for Severity 2 issues to 24×7.  And they are improving their response templates to make sure customers are receiving the most accurate and detailed information possible on each ticket.


Infor offers credits if the Multi-Tenant cloud availability dips below a specified threshold.  This credit would be calculated by the month.

Infor refers to these ideals as the customer’s “Bill of Rights”.  And as great as they are, Infor is constantly working toward improving on these “rights”.  Stay tuned!  More good news is coming!