Installing a CTP on AS400

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To Install a CTP on AS400, follow these guidelines:


Open a green screen and go to command line:

Enter the following commands:

call lawenv


cd $LAWDIR (or location of tar files)

The Versions file is EBCDIC instead of ASCII. You will use /QOpenSys/usr/bin/tar to unpack package.

Otherwise, you will get this error:

Error: Versions file is wrong CCSID.

If so, you will need to remove all untarred files from directory and start over with QOpenSys/usr/bin/tar


/QOpenSys/usr/bin/tar -xvf 9.0.1_patch_84930.tar                  

   x 9.0.1_patch_84930.readme.html, 331911 bytes, 649 media blocks.            

   x Versions, 5816 bytes, 12 media blocks.                                    

   x Tasks, 3034 bytes, 6 media blocks.                                        

   x patch.tar.Z, 2483873 bytes, 4852 media blocks.                            


 perl $GENDIR/bin/lawappinstall preview ProdLineName                              

 perl $GENDIR/bin/lawappinstall update ProdLineName                              

 perl $GENDIR/bin/lawappinstall activate ProdLineName                              


check for errors

ls $LAWDIR/ ProdLineName/rpg/*rpg/*SRC/*.err

Hit F3 to exit command line

Dspmsg to Display messages

If you find any failed job enter

Wrkjob # for failed job