How smart wearables assist in healthcare

Wearable medical technology has become a “new normal” of mobile medicine and telehealth. Thanks to the pandemic in 2020, the need for such devices spiked as we were instructed to have virtual doctor visits and only visit our healthcare providers if it was a dire emergency. Because we stayed home, we learned to rely on mobile applications and wearable devices to monitor our health.  Pratik Saraogi, CEO of ActoFit, shares in an article on Express Healthcare that the field of medical wearable technology has emerged as one of the most promising among them. “Any medical profession could benefit from the usage of wearables and connected health devices. However, the most significant application would be in the treatment of chronic diseases including diabetes, PCOS, PCOD, arrhythmia and more,” Saraogi states. With the wealth of data collected from these wearable gadgets, it has helped healthcare facilities and providers stay on top of patient care, as well as helped with lab research on critical topics mentioned. Anyone young and old can benefit greatly from wearable technology to monitor their health and wellness. Saraogi further adds that most importantly, wearables may contribute to improve access to timely care and treatment regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or location.


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