Top 15 Software Technology Trends of Today

In the past decade the software development landscape has transformed dramatically. New software technologies have given us opportunities to automate processes and improve product quality while simultaneously reducing the time required to get a product to market. According to, here are the 15 leading software technology trends that businesses should be aware of in order to stay ahead of the curve.

  1. The non-stop rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  2. More widespread use of blockchain technology
  3. Increased emphasis on cybersecurity
  4. Continued growth in mobile app development
  5. Cyber-physical systems gaining ground
  6. The IoT is getting even more ubiquitous due to technological advancements
  7. Augmented reality / virtual reality further integrated into our lives
  8. Intelligent automation will be on the trend
  9. DevOps in more common use
  10. Serverless computing continuing to grow in popularity
  11. 5G becoming mainstream
  12. The rise of edge computing
  13. Quantum computing is also on the rise
  14. More new programming languages will emerge
  15. Microservices will become more popular

Which technology trend are you most excited for further growth?


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