Run a network trace on a Lawson issue WITHOUT fiddler

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Lawson issue not showing in the logs? This is how you would run a network trace WITHOUT fiddler.


Using Google Chrome.

  1. Open Chrome, open a new tab and press CTRL-SHIFT-I.
  2. On the Network tab, ensure the circle in top-left corner is red. CTRL-E toggles tracing on/off.
  3. Duplicate the issue.
  4. Right-click on any of the http sessions, and select “Save as HAR with content”.
  5. Save the file to your desktop, and upload the file to the support incident.
  6. Send file to your Lawson support consultant.

Chrome Example screenshot below:

Using Microsoft Edge Chromium

  1. Open Edge and Press “F12” to open IE Developer Tools.
  2. On the Network tab, ensure there is a red circle in the top-left corner. If you see the green “play” button, click it to start recording.
  3. Duplicate the Issue.
  4. Click on the “Export HAR” icon to save traffic to a .har file.
  5. Send file to your Lawson support consultant.


Edge Example Screenshot:

This is sometimes daunting for users to perform on their own so a trained Lawson professional is ideal to assist via a remote meeting like Zoom or Teams.

Organizations often have trouble staffing Lawson professionals (or they’re spread thin) and alternatively go with teams of Lawson consultants who offer managed services at a fixed rate. This can help larger organizations who have daily user issues and need a team of trained Lawson professionals to assist.