505 – Internal server error when accessing Lawson Inbasket

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This problem can occur after updating Lawson and Landmark from an older version and or when organizations update previous users to a newer naming convention.


Problem: A user is trying to access their Inbasket to approve orders but receive the error below:


  1. Validate the user is setup correctly in Lawson Security
  2. Validate the user is setup correctly in Landmark via Rich Client or Process Server Admin
  3. The RMID in Lawson Security must match the Landmark Actor ID.
  4. If Step 3 does not resolve the error, look into the IOS.log and see how the users RMID is appearing there and make sure the Actor ID matches the casing there.

This can be a tricky issue to resolve, especially for organizations with a single Lawson professional to debug while they are swarmed in daily tickets and also tasked with maintaining recurring process flows.

Alternatively, organizations will hire a Lawson consultant team that have a wider range of expertise who offer managed services at a fixed monthly rate. This would be more ideal for larger organizations with many daily tickets or workflows to maintain or even smaller ones who don’t need a single dedicated Lawson professional but still need weekly maintenance/support.