How to search for user properties in LDAP

Searching for user properties in LDAP may not be as straightforward to do or you may not have had formal instructions in past to do this task. Below is a step-by-step guide to easily search for user properties in the LDAP application.


D:\LSF > ldifde -f cli.ldif -r “samAccountName=Cli”

Connecting to “cust.private”

Logging in as current user using SSPI

Exporting directory to file cli.ldif

Searching for entries…

Writing out entries1 entries exported


The command has completed successfully

D:\LSF > ls cli*


D:\LSF > lashow cli.ldif


dn: CN=Li\, Catol,OU=Users,OU=Accounting,OU=Finance,DC=cust,DC=private

changetype: add

objectClass: top

objectClass: person

objectClass: organizationalPerson

objectClass: user

cn: Li, Catol

sn: Li

title: Accountant I

description: Finance – Accounting

physicalDeliveryOfficeName: Halo

telephoneNumber: (713) 644-3333

givenName: Catol


CN=Li\, Catol,OU=Users,OU=Accounting,OU=Finance,DC=cust,DC=private

instanceType: 4

whenCreated: 20210218225523.0Z

whenChanged: 20220224165103.0Z

displayName: Li, Catol CatolCat

uSNCreated: 293302835

memberOf: CN=!AP_Invoice_Process,OU=Distribution Lists,DC=cust,DC=private


CN=FortiGateWebFilter_Finance,OU=Web Groups,OU=Information Technology,DC=cust,