Lawson Mingle Portal error – You are not authorized to access this site

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When logging in on Lawson Mingle (or portal direct), you may receive an error “You are not authorized to access this site” even though your user is all setup with the proper security in Lawson.

The highlighted error indicates that the user has been authenticated but is not authorized to access the application. This indicates that the issue is likely within Infor Federation Services for Infor Ming.le 11.1.x or Security Administration for Infor OS.


To resolve, a Lawson administrator with access to Infor Federated services will have to login to IFS.

Select Manage >> Users

Type in the domain\user and click filter

If the user does not come up, click the Add user button

Select your organizations domain (not bootstrap)

Type the users domain\user in the User Filter box and click Load

Select the user, click Apply then Ok

After the users been added, click save next to the add button:

The IFS system should be setup to sync automatically but an issue with auto-sync or possibly a connection to the IFS server may need to be addressed first.

You can click the manual sync and check if there are errors with the auto-sync:

Work with your network or windows team to resolve any connection issues to further resolve auto-sync.


Good luck!