How to add a read-only SQL database user via Infor Cloudsuite

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With Infor Cloudsuite’s SQL Manage User Service, there is no need to setup any DBA permissions or to use database management software. You can simply add a read-only database user via Cloudsuite in the below steps.


  1. Login to Infor Cloudsuite and go to the Service Request tab, then click Create a Service Request
  2. Select Deployment and Request Type: SQL Manage User >> Next
  3. Select the Database Server, fill in the User, Password, Database name and for our example we are using the default database roles, for read-only, use db_datareader. See all default SQL database roles here and then click Submit!



NOTE: Some organizations have minimum password requirements. We recommend using a password generator online and keeping it to letters and numbers so users can type in relatively easy.