Resolving LBI Error: There are not any Rights on File for the requested User


Lawson Business Intelligence has this common issue where users load up a report and get an error that they don’t have the proper rights to access a report setup with bursting. At first glance it appears they are all setup but are they?



  1. Login into LBI (must have admin rights) >> Tools >> Report Administration
  2. Go to Maintain Rights and filter down on the user that is having this issue:
  3. At this point it appears the user is setup correctly but there are two checks that need to be done.
    • Verify the report the user is accessing (assuming it’s a historical instance) was generated after the Start Date field, else change the Start Date to an earlier date to resolve.
    • Click on the blue green people icon to make sure the user’s bursting rights weren’t setup before the user synchronized into LBI from LSF.
  4. If you see the user is categorized as a (Custom Group), delete the users current rights.


  1. LBI dashboard >> Tools >> Synchronize Users and Roles >> Click Synchronize
  2. Go back and create the users rights and verify the (Custom Group) is no longer displayed near their name.

Hope this was helpful, good luck!