Infor Coleman AI Digital Assistant App Now Available for Microsoft Teams

The Infor Coleman AI Digital Assistant app is now available for Microsoft Teams. The addition to Microsoft Teams will help reduce adoption friction when rolling out the digital assistant to organizations that already use Teams in their day-to-day work. Per the press release, The Infor Coleman AI Digital Assistant provides a conversational interface to the Infor OS platform, the underlying foundation of Infor CloudSuites. It offers custom skills, a chat UX, and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. Additionally, as a digital assistant, Coleman uses a conversational UX and natural language processing to chat, hear, talk and, in the future, analyze images to help people work more efficiently. Further, The Infor Coleman Digital Assistant can help maximize human work potential by advising, augmenting, automating, and conversing with the user. Infor Coleman makes its AI capabilities easily accessible, as it is built on the foundation of the Infor OS enterprise application platform (EAP).


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