Lawson PA100 Job Goes into Recovery due to On-Prem BSI License Expiring

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Problem – PA100 Job goes into recovery with similar error:

 “Error connecting to Taxfactory11 – THE PROVISIONAL LICENSE IS NOW EXPIRED.”


  1. To resolve this issue, login to your MyBSI account at
  2. Go to your TaxFactory Tab on the Home Page
  3. Select Maintain Machine Key

  4. Click Add New Key >> Select Desired Version and enter Host Name where BSI is being hosted.
    1. Note: To verify current Host Name of license, open command prompt, change dir to where tf11lic.exe is located and type following command tf11lic -v

  5. One you enter the New Key Info, select the Request Server Key button
  6. You should now see your newly added Machine Key, click Save as File to download
  7. Copy the machinekey.lic file to the server where TF11 is installed and the tf11lic.exe is located
  8. In command prompt, cd to where tf11lic.exe is and type this command: tf11lic -i machinekey.lic

  9. Type tf11lic -v to validate if the license is valid.
  10. In Lawson portal, calculate a PR80 record to verify Lawson is connecting to BSI
  11. Connect to Lawson Interface Desktop >> jobschd >> recover PA100 job in recovery (or any other job that requires a valid BSI license that went into recovery)


That’s it! Good luck!