How to verify if Lawson Payroll is working with BSI

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You may have installed a new BSI update/license or need to verify if it’s safe to run an update batch job.


An easy way to do this is to run a simple smoke test in PR80.


  1. Login to Lawson portal and go to PR80
  2. Start with a company, employee, bank code, and payment number
  3. Under the Time Records tab FC >> Add >> Pay Code 0001 >> Hours 80
  4. Go to Payment Tab >> Select a Payment Date >> Deduction Cycle 2
  5. Now click Calculate and wait for it to finish.
  6. You should be brough to a HR99.1 Messages form with warnings etc. This means everything ran and Payroll communicated with BSI.

NOTE: Remember that the parameters above may be different for your organization and most can be anything since we are simply testing to see if Payroll is communicating with BSI by doing a calculation. As long as we are selecting Calculate, nothing is being changed with the record.


Good luck!