How to setup a Lawson deljobhst recurring job to keep your Lawson print/job directories clean

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Follow this step-by-step guide to set up a Lawson deljobhst recurring job. This will keep your Lawson print/job directories clean.

  1. Login to LID (elevated admin rights required)
  2. Go to jobdef and create a new deljobhst job
  3. Down arrow to Form ID >> F4
  4. Type >> F4 >> Universe >> Enter
  5. Data Area/ID >> F4 >> JOBSCHED >> Enter
  6. Down arrow to deljobhst >> Enter
  7. F6 >> A. Step Parameter
  8. Type the parameter letters you want without a dash, for this example we are just deleting old %LAWDIR%\print directory files using the r parameter and for any files > 400 days old
  9. To Date must be in the above format of: ‘curdate’ – NumberOfDays
    1. When the job runs on schedule, files greater than and equal to the date 400 days ago from current date will be deleted.
    2. 400 day example: Todays date is 6/7/2021 so print files as created on 5/3/2021 and older will be deleted.
  10. Press Enter to save jobdef and go to recdef in LID
  11. Create a new recdef entry and select the job you just created under Job Name. Select all other parameters as you normally would.
  12. Example below: This job will run daily at 1:33pm starting 6/7/2021


That’s it and good luck.