How to mass delete Lawson waiting jobs in the job scheduler in LID

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It is pretty common for a Lawson recurring job to error out and continually run for hours and days. This can build up in the waiting screen of the job scheduler (jobschd). To clean it up can be repetitive when it doesn’t have to be.

  1. Login to LID
  2. Go to the job scheduler by typing the jobschd command
  3. F7 >> A. to show all user jobs
    • In our example we have 7 jobs, but this method works for hundreds of jobs.
  4. On the top most job that you want to delete press the HOME key to “mark” the job. Notice the black arrow on the very left
  5. Now scroll down or even page down to the bottom most record >> Press the END key. Notice all jobs from the top to bottom have the black arrow on the left, indicating these are selected.
  6. Now press F9 (Delete) to remove these jobs. Press enter to confirm.
    • NOTE: if there are dozens or hundreds of jobs, you may need to hold Enter to continuosly delete them.

Hope this was helpful!