Flushing the WebSphere Application Server Cache

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If your WebSphere deployment manager, node agent, or application server will not start, it can be a good idea to flush the WAS temporary directories and cached files.

First, stop all your IBM processes.

Then, back up the existing configurations for all profiles:

  • On a administrator command window, navigate to WAS_HOME/profiles/<profile>/bin
  • Run command backupConfig <backupfilepath>

Next, rename the following directories (or remove them, but it’s safer to rename):

  • WAS_HOME/profiles/<profile>/wstemp
  • WAS_HOME/profiles/<profile>/temp
  • WAS_HOME/profiles/<profile>/config/temp
  • Again, you should do this for ALL your profiles

Now, delete the javasharedresources directory located at C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\

Now, run the commands to clear the cache:

  • Navigate to WAS_HOME/profiles/<profile>/bin
  • Run command osgiCfgInit
  • Run command clearClassCache

Once again, perform ALL of these steps for ALL your WebSphere profiles.